Monday, July 2, 2012

I am a headache

I have a ferocious headache, one second away from deserving the name migraine, so I will just chunk these updates out and then go to bed.

The bird, alas, is dead. I didn't think he would survive; the fact that he lived two weeks still amazes me. I wish he'd died before I spent all that money on the big cage. Then again, once I get the cage disinfected, I may just get a couple of pet finches. My brother and I had zebra finches when we were little. They were boring but cute pets.

It has been quite hot lately.

I finished writing Shadow Trail yesterday! It's about 53,000 words long and I've already done one quick revision pass. There's a lot to be said for writing to a strict (if malleable) outline. The pacing in this one is excellent, if I do say so myself, although I will probably tinker with the ending to make it more exciting. Next I'm going to outline Wharf Rat, the project I started in May. I'm more likely to finish books that I've outlined, and I'm more likely to finish them faster and better. So outlining it is for the next few projects.

Happy late Canada Day and early Fourth of July. I'm going to bed.


Paula RC said...

I quite like finches. When my mum went into a nursing home I had hers. They are sweet and I enjoyed the sound they made rather than the noise other cage birds make.

Well done on finish writing another book. I'm nearly at the end of mine now. It's 97K but I need to cut 7k if I want to send it to the publisher I have in mind.

I wish you well with your next project 'Wharf Rat'. Hope you feel better this morning. I hate it when I'm unwell, because I'm unable to work on my writing.

Chat again soon.

K.C. Shaw said...

I slept over ten hours and feel so much better this morning. I think I was just short of sleep.

Good luck cutting 7k words. Cutting during revisions is one of my favorites, but I hate some of the hard decisions I have to make when it comes to conversations and not-strictly-necessary scenes.