Sunday, October 12, 2008

A name and a title!

I just signed up my blog at Technorati. Well, why not? All the kids are doing it.

I've got a name for my main character and a title for the book! The first is Analefa (Ana for short), the latter is The Taste of Magic. I kept Carafel as the name of the city Ana lives in (although I tacked another L to the end). I'm still not done fussing over names, though, since I've decided Byron is a stupid name and anyway that character is going to die at the end of chapter two, which means the real bad guy still needs a name. Vincent's name stands, though. It's perfect for him. I even gave him a good last name, Ondarr. I think I made that up, but if I unwittingly swiped it from someone else's book, please let me know.

I went to Borders today and tried to find something new to read (because my to be read stack isn't quite to the ceiling yet). The selection sucked, though--just the same old names over and over, and nothing that looked even remotely interesting. No wonder bookstores aren't doing too well right now. There's no variety.


Catherine J Gardner said...

Oh you are so far ahead of me. I'm starting to panic I won't have my ideas in order before November 1st and as for naming characters - give me a break!!!

Book stores suck sometimes, don't they?

K.C. Shaw said...

I still don't have the outline done for my nano book, though. I'm starting to worry that I don't have enough plot in my idea to carry me even 50,000 words, much less a full length book. But hey, we both have almost three weeks left to plan! (thank goodness)

Carrie Harris said...

Taste of Magic is a good title! I like.

K.C. Shaw said...

Thanks! I was really happy when I thought of it, and it's perfect for the story too.