Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hearting Blogs

I've been tapped twice for the I Love Your Blog meme. Thanks, Catherine J. Gardner and Jeremy Kelly! Catherine J. Gardner writes dark fantasy and horror (for kids too!) and I think she's sold more stories in the last two months than I've written in my entire life. Jeremy Kelly is a writer too--horror, I think (judging from his recent sale to Northern Haunts), but I'm sure he writes in other genres. Also, he has a picture of a guy riding a zebra on his blog, which is just cool.

I'm going to take a quick page from Victoria Strauss from Writer Beware, who was also tapped for the meme but declined to list favorites. In her case, she was probably just being politic. I just don't know all that many people who would be interested in me passing on an I Love Your Blog award. :) All you have to do, though, is check out the link list over there. ---> The blogs I list are all ones I like well enough to check them every day. You'd probably like them too!

In a complete change of subject, I saw guy-who-looks-just-like-Alex today! I hadn't seen him since about July and I was so worried he'd dropped out or something. Today I even talked to him. I said, "Thanks," when he held the door so it wouldn't swing in my face as I entered the library building behind him. Then he went off to the library and I went off to my job, me feeling much better about the world in general. So remember, guys, if you ever feel down--you never know how many strangers are quietly pulling for you.


Catherine J Gardner said...

Yeah, the fear is alienating people who you didn't nominate.

K.C. Shaw said...

Yeah, plus I'd probably end up re-nominating you and Jeremy, which is just silly because both of you have been nominated by other people more than once. :)