Thursday, March 5, 2009

My pathetic writing space

So okay, since everyone else is doing it, I decided to take a picture of my writing space. Or rather, I asked my mom to, since I don't have a camera. Those of you paying close attention know I've moved in with my mom, so I don't have a real writing space. I do have a tiny desk downstairs with a computer on it, but there's not enough room down there and anyway the computer isn't great. So I do most of my writing in my bedroom.

The picture is totally unposed, actually. I really do keep all those notebooks lying around while I write, even if I don't need them. You can't see them all because some of them are in stacks, but I actually have four spiral notebooks on the bed as well as the gray binder (which is where I keep track of my submissions on paper; I use Duotrope, but I like having a hard copy too, just in case). The cat is Angel, who is my non-crazy cat (crazy cat Vincent not pictured). The laptop is Bunny, my eee.

The paperback book that isn't very visible is Airs Beneath the Moon by Toby Bishop, which I just got today and can't wait to read. It's about a girl who finds a flying horse!


Cate Gardner said...

If I had to write on my bed, I'd go insane. I'd also probably never sleep ever again - I already spend too much sleep time jotting ideas down into the notebook I keep by my bed.

Jamie Eyberg said...

I think you have a very calming room. I could definitely write there. I might need to move a small table to work on but I could work in there. I think the cat adds a distinct touch.

Aaron Polson said...

I'm with Cate. I'd never sleep again, either. All those notebooks!

I am jealous of the cat. Owen's allergic to pet dander. I'd love a cat.

K.C. Shaw said...

Cate--I just throw everything off the bed when I get sleepy. And anyway usually I'm not even writing, I'm just sitting there playing Wordtwist.

Jamie--The walls aren't as yellow as they look in that picture. I do like the room, though. The cat is actually an awful distraction. Last night after this picture was taken, she kept trying to climb up on my shoulders (which is cute only in retrospect).

Aaron--You can have both my cats, just say the word! I had to buy two baby gates yesterday to keep the crazy cat out of the living room, since he's decided he likes the carpet there instead of the litter box. *shudders*