Monday, February 3, 2020

Stuff for sale

Oh, you thought I forgot? I sort of did, but not forever. Also, I got my numbers mixed up last time so I have to go back and fill in the gap.

Item #21 - A tiny key. I don't know what this goes to. It says Life Gear and I'm pretty sure it's a key that unlocks something that's not terribly secure. One side is more worn than the other.

Item #22 - A lot of micro-USB phone cords. I think there are five or six of these. Guess who just upgraded her phone! Sold as a lot only.

Item #23 - Metal Church pin. I bought this in approximately 1989, which makes it vintage and me old. I have never been a hardcore Metal Church fan but they're okay. Space on my conbag is at a premium, though, and I have too many pins. Chapstick for scale.

I'll add more in a day or two - watch this space! Or not, whatever.