Thursday, May 21, 2020

The Dig Site

I've seen other people post pictures of dig sites of various kinds and I wanted to make one too. I didn't have a lot of space to work with but I did what I could.

Villager update: I cannot get anyone to leave.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Building a Kick-Butt Animal Crossing Stage

Forget KK Slider. I want Ghost to play my island.

I'm still tinkering with this but I think it's looking pretty good.

Update: I think I'm finished. Also, I couldn't get the Ghost logo to look right but I did a pretty good King Diamond logo so that's what I'm going with.

Older pictures:

Previous versions and various details as I worked on it:

Friday, May 8, 2020

Rain Daisy Island

Forget about selling stuff I find in the back of a drawer. There's a pandemic raging. I've been at home for almost two months now, doing my part to keep the 'rona from spreading. I signed up for wifi, which I dropped a bit over three years ago to save money and keep myself from sitting at the computer all evening when I got home from work. Then I bought a Switch Lite and one game. Guess which one.

This is an Animal Crossing account now.

I'm working on getting my island a five-star rating, which means decorating all over the place. Here are some of the areas I've been developing:

My own basement, which I have turned into a hip little coffee house called The Wasp Head. Karaoke on Fridays, poetry slams every other Monday. Curlos and that other ugly sheep whose name I can't remember aren't invited.

The small open-air Turtle Cafe. Croissants and coffee available all day, wine in the evenings. No sheep allowed.

The Turtle Cafe is named after the nearby snapping turtle habitat. Come on in and pet the friendly tortles!

And finally (for now), my secret campsite. No one but me is allowed in. Here I can get away from the stupid villagers I'm trying to make leave.

All my plans for this year are being canceled one by one and thousands of people are dying, so I will live in this sunny happy game world where the worst thing that can happen is a scorpion sting.