Friday, April 9, 2010

Plot bunnies! They're everywhere!

Oh, bother, it's Friday and I haven't blogged since Wednesday. I was going to try to get into the swing of things again, but obviously that's not happening the way I wanted. Partly that's due to my weird work schedule, which of late has gotten even weirder.

Anyway, so, um, okay. Here I am! I got some writing done today. I need to type up what I wrote longhand, but I suspect I cleared a thousand words. I've turned the corner on Adventures in Zoology and it's taking on a depth that I really didn't expect. I had a sort-of plot worked out, but I decided last week that I needed to just let it go where it wanted--it's a swashbuckling adventure, after all--and sure enough, as soon as I decided that, Our Heroine Terry Green had to disguise herself as a rival bandit to get away from the main bandits safely, and she learned a lot about the local elf culture and her friend Cledesculen at the same time. Lots of plot bunnies are hopping about, to the point that I can barely write fast enough at times.

I still haven't heard back from any agents. They can't all have gone to the no-response-means-no policy, can they? I got a rejection on a short story today, though, and I'm not sure where to send it next. Duotrope to the rescue, I guess.


Fox Lee said...

I saw a real bunny today. Not as constructive, but cute!

K.C. Shaw said...

Are you sure it wasn't a plot bunny? Did he have a tiny laptop with him?