Sunday, August 28, 2011

So, about that vacation

Mom and I were planning to go to DragonCon together this Labor Day. We have our passes and the hotel room booked. Mom, however, doesn't want to try to go--she gets tired easily now and would be so worn out from the drive down that she thinks she wouldn't be able to enjoy the con. But she wants me to go by myself.

I'm hesitant about that, but she insists she'll be okay. And she is getting around much better now and doesn't need me hovering over her. She'll also have both her sisters around to make sure she takes her meds on time and gets decent meals and so forth. I don't need to worry. But, of course, I will.

In fact, I'm so worried that I'm dreading leaving rather than looking forward to the con. I'll only be gone two nights and one full day, plus two partial days--I'm leaving Friday afternoon and will ideally arrive home by around noon on Sunday. That's not long. But Mom has a doctor's appointment Thursday and her next chemo Tuesday, and on Wednesday--ugh ugh ugh--I have to return to work. And we're still packing up to move house. I just don't have time to take off for a weekend.

But, you know, I think it will be good for me.


Michael McClung said...

I think you should go. Of course you'll worry, but honestly, I think your mom would feel bad if you didn't go.

And yes, in between worrying, you'll manage to have a good time. You know, here and there. :)

K.C. Shaw said...

Considering that last time I was so exhausted by the end of the first day I couldn't speak or think coherently until well into the following week, I expect I'll stop worrying right away. At least, I hope so. I will just have to bring Mom a souvenir.

Alan W. Davidson said...

You should go to the Con by yourself, Kate (mothers are always right). A couple days away will be good to recharge the battery. I'm sure she'll be fine if her sisters are about. Have fun. Really.

K.C. Shaw said...

I'm trying to work myself into a state of excitement about going. I know I'll have loads of fun once I'm there, but I find it difficult to leave Mom for even a few hours now just in case she needs something. I just have to remember she is perfectly capable of getting things herself or asking for help if necessary.

Richard said...

Absolutely you should go! If I hear you didn't have a great time, I'll come down there and personally send you on another one--and another after that, until you enjoy yourself.

Um, I think that was a threat, anyway.

PS: word verification = truism

Cate Gardner said...

Your mom's right. Go, have fun, and yes, bring her back a present.

Diana said...

Looking at this from a different perspective, your mom might enjoy having two days of not being hovered over. In fact, she may be planning to have a wild party while you are away. And with two sisters nearby, there will be someone to bail her out of jail should the need arise. (Yes. I am being facetious.)

Seriously, your mom will probably feel worse if you don't go than if you do. It's bad enough getting old and sick. Being the reason your daughter isn't having fun and doing the things that she wants to do, just makes it even worse.

Your mom wants you to be happy. If you go to Dragoncon alone, then indirectly that will help her. As it lessens the stress on her worrying about your happiness.

So go and have a good time. :)

K.C. Shaw said...

Richard--I'm not sure that was an effective threat. :)

Cate--I wonder if she would like a DragonCon T-shirt. I can borrow it from her.

Diana--She told me today she wants me to go and have fun, so I'm going to. I wish she could come along, but as she also said today, "It's not actually really my thing."

Danielle Birch said...

I agree. Go, enjoy. Of course you will worry, but your mum has someone with her so she won't be alone. And a tshirt is always a cool gift.

K.C. Shaw said...

And I can borrow the t-shirt from her and wear it sometimes! :)