Sunday, October 7, 2012

Questions to Ask Yourself at the Shoe Shop

1. Why do they put weird, useless buckles on otherwise attractive shoes?
2. Why is it so hard to find shoes these days with small heels? They're either flats or stilettos.
3. Cute shoe. Can I afford it?
4. Does it fit?
5. Is it comfortable?
6. Is it going to be comfortable after I've worn it for eight hours?
7. Is it appropriate for work?
8. Is it the right color for my work clothes?
9. Is it the right style to go with my work clothes?

I forgot to ask myself #9, which is why I have a pair of otherwise perfect shoes and now I have to buy a whole new wardrobe.

Sure, these shoes are both black and brown so I can wear them with anything except navy (and who wears navy these days anyway?), and sure they look great with dinosaur socks and jeans, but my work clothes are definitely on the frumpy side and these shoes aren't.

Maybe I should de-frump my closet.

This post has nothing to do with writing, so I'll bring up... [cue ominous music] NaNoWriMo! I'm in again this year, probably to finish my current WIP, Wharf Rat. Anyone else doing it?


Richard said...

Ooooo… no nanowrimo for me. It's fun but crazy time consuming. :(

K.C. Shaw said...

It does fall at an awkward time of year, what with holidays coming up (plus Thanksgiving).

I just realized my shoes and brown and brown, not black and brown. *heavy sigh*

Michael McClung said...

Questions I ask myself at the shoe store:

1. How did I end up here?
2. Is my shoe problem on that duct tape can conceivably fix?
2. How can I leave as quickly as possible?

K.C. Shaw said...

Duct tape shoes would be a fashion statement. I will leave that right there to ponder.