Thursday, August 29, 2013

DragonCon playlist

I leave for DragonCon in the morning! I'm staying in a cheap hotel in Kennesaw, not too far from downtown Atlanta, which means I can stay three nights while paying less than one night would cost at one of the con hotels. Oh yeah, I am awesome.

The drive to DragonCon takes about four-ish hours depending on traffic. I'm not an audiobook type of person, so I'll make up a roadtrip playlist instead. I'm taking suggestions for music I can include! I like all kinds of music, so let me know what your favorite roadtrip/convention tunes are!

I'll post pictures when I get back on Monday night, of course. This year I'm also dressing up (nothing fancy, just a steampunk outfit that I'll probably only wear on Saturday). If you're going, drop me an email (kcshaw123 [at] gmail [dotcom] and we can meet up!


Kelly Robinson said...

So exciting! Take a hundred million pictures. I miss going to the Ripper conferences, so I've been looking for something to fill that void. I'm thinking of going to NoirCon next year.

K.C. Shaw said...

NoirCon sounds fun. I'm definitely going to AnachroCon in February (also in Atlanta) and probably Chattacon again too.

I will definitely take lots of pictures! I even bought a 16 gb memory card for my phone to hold them all.

Richard said...

It occurs to me that they really need to hold the next convention in Shokan NY. That way we could *finally* have Shoka-con.

K.C. Shaw said...

lol! Get right on that, okay? :)