Sunday, November 4, 2007

7625 words. Gimme pizza.

I've been writing steadily--in between Boggle games--all day. My goal is 10,000 words by tonight. If I can make 10,000 words, I can have a pizza. If I make 9,999 words, I can't have a pizza. Except I can, because at that point I'll just type the word "dammit" and I'll have 10,000 words.

I've already changed the outline. Chapter 3 is so short I'm going to have to tack it onto the end of chapter 2. That's fine, but I'm a little concerned that the wasp man in the former chapter 3 is so strange that he's going to have to come back later in the book. I actually have him scheduled for another appearance in chapter 12, but that's an awful long time to let him hang fire. Well, I'll just take it as it comes. No time to stop and rethink the plot!

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