Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bored with the internet, but not Smarties

I don't have a thing to write about, but I haven't posted since Sunday, so I'm posting now. Hmm. I'm still working on that bag of Smarties. The inside of my mouth feels sort of raw. I estimate I've eaten 10,000 Smarties since I bought them Saturday.

I see from the wrapper that Smarties are made in Canada. I got a rejection this week from a Canadian publisher. Coincidence?

I reached 26,000 words on my NaNo book yesterday, but I haven't written a single word tonight. But the online Boggle site is down and I got bored with the internet at work this afternoon, so I guess I'll do some writing now.

Just in case you're my brother, who is 2,000 words ahead of me in his NaNo book, here's a hilarious link to a conversation about our robot overlords, which I got via Making Light. I recommend you read it over and over and over until it's too late to do any writing.

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