Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's all connected! Tangentially!

Does anyone out there know anything about computers? My desktop is driving me crazy since the move. I can't post blogs from it or even comment, and Duotrope's not working correctly, and myriad little things like that. What would cause that? What am I missing? I suspect something to do with Mime, but since I'm not entirely sure what Mime is, I can't move forward on my hunch.

Thank goodness for my eee, that's all I can say. And yay for wifi!

I got the proofs of my story "Gaming Real Life" today and found out that it will be up on MindFlights on December 19. I do like that story. The trolls in it are very similar to the trolls I put in The Taste of Magic, too, which I didn't even realize until I read the story over at lunch. That goes right along with Jamie Eyberg's blog today, where he talks about how he approaches stories--starting with an idea and then seeing where the idea takes him. It's interesting to read the comments to that thread, as different writers talk about how they approach stories. It's actually something I've been thinking about lately, as I notice how so many bits and pieces of my other writing have sifted into The Taste of Magic.

Using a version of the trolls in "Gaming Real Life" is one example. Another is the main character, Ana, who is a healer--because the novella I wrote for the 3-day novel contest had a main character, Hilda, who is a healer. And the issue of race relations as translated into a fantasy setting is one that I keep revisiting; again, it's in "Gaming Real Life," but it's also in the Weredeer books. And so on.

Jamie's post was inspired by Aaron Polson's recent post about how to define horror as a genre. And Aaron has a story newly posted to MindFlights, "The Tiger in the Common Ground," which is really good! Everything connects! Everything connects! Everything connects!


Aaron Polson said...

Spooky sometimes, isn't it? Thanks for the read.

K.C. Shaw said...

It's all a conspiracy, I tell you!

Jamie Eyberg said...

But who is in charge of the conspiracy?

Carrie Harris said...

I know nothing about computers, but I suggest that you name it anyway, just in case.

K.C. Shaw said...

Jamie--if I knew who was in charge of the conspiracy, I'd be in fear for my life! Better not to know.

Carrie--my laptop's named Bunny. My desktop is informally named "that piece of shit." It has a ring to it.