Monday, December 1, 2008

November post-mortem

So everyone else is doing it, and now I will too. How did I do in November? Writing-wise, I mean.

I sent out one story, which was rejected. That's it!

Okay, I also won Nano and finished writing The Taste of Magic, and started the sequel. I also made one sale, but I still can't tell you about it. *heavy sigh, because I'm tired of sounding all secretive and impressive* It's not a big deal, I promise, but I am proud of it and want to tell you all about it. I wrote zero short stories in November.

I've got several stories out, one being held for further review (I should hear back in a few weeks). I have a requested full still out with an agent--not sure when I'll hear back on that one; soon, I hope. Mundania has had The Weredeer for one full year as of today and it's still under consideration.

Oh! I almost forgot. I put a new free story up on my website, "Home at the North Pole." It's a Christmas story--not much to it, but it should put you in the holiday mood without cloying you to death. It's available as a PDF and as a Stanza download for iphones.


Aaron Polson said...

WHOOT for winning Nano! And for finishing/surviving the move!

Jamie Eyberg said...

I don't envy you for the move but I do give you a big shout out for the NaNo finish. I hope we can all do that again next year (I had a good time anyway)

Carrie Harris said...

Hey, finishing Nano is a BIG deal. You sure as heck wrote more words than I did. ;)

Cate Gardner said...

Thank god November is over. :)

K.C. Shaw said...

Aaron--moving was way harder than finishing Nano!

Jamie--I agree, that was a lot of fun. I finished early this year, too, which was a nice change (usually I'm lazy and drag it out to the last minute).

Carrie--Maybe I wrote more words than you, but at least you didn't cheat!

Cate--That's the truth! I'm glad we made it to December!