Thursday, April 2, 2009


I got an insane number of things done today--picked up my contacts prescription (after only five months!) and ordered a set of contacts, bought seeds for the garden, mowed the lawn, put deer netting up on the garden fence, hiked two hours at Clear Creek, made strawberry shortcake for supper, and lots more. I did not do any writing, although I did carry Bunny the eee around for a while, so at least I looked as though I might start writing at any moment.

I got my comp copies of Space Squid in the mail today, too. My story "Comparative Anatomy" is in it--you know, the raunchy story. It really is a lot of fun, in a horrible way. Perfect for Space Squid.

I think the keyboard is going out on my eee. Some of the keys don't work well anymore unless I mash them really hard, and others put a space in after the letter a lot of the time. Does that sound like something I can fix with a good cleaning, or do I need to think about getting a plug-in keyboard? My poor little Bunny is a year and a half old now and gets daily use. I suppose I should be glad it's just the keyboard causing problems.


Cate Gardner said...

Ooh! Congrats on your Space Squid comp copies. We want photos. :)

Aaron Polson said...

Yeah, we do want photos.

(Who/what is Bunny? Should I know what an eee is?)

Unknown said...

Wow, what a busy day! Hiking sounds like great fun. I can't wait to to go camping in a few days!

K.C. Shaw said...

Cate--Alas, I have no camera! Well, I could borrow my mom's but I don't know how it works, so I'd have to get her to snap the picture and she might ask to read the story too.

Aaron--Sorry, Bunny the eee is my Asus eee laptop. It's white, like a bunny.

Jeremy--Ooh, I love camping! I used to take my dog. He had his own doggie backpack and everything. So cute!

Jamie Eyberg said...

Way to go on Space Squid! I have never had the privilege of being rejected by them, yet. I'm with Cate, show pics. Your mom is a grown woman, she can handle it.

K.C. Shaw said...

Oh, it's not that she can't handle it, I just don't want her to think that her daughter's mind is a cesspool. Of course, she does know me pretty well. :)