Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bad dreams all night

I dreamed last night that I overslept for work and didn't get up until 2pm, and then I had to call in to explain my absence, so I called the office and pretended I had laryngitis. When I woke for real, it was 7am and my mom was pounding on my door so I would get up and go shopping with her. I was dressed and downstairs within ten minutes. My mom said, "Congratulations, you are now a bonafide member of this family." Then we hit all the after-Christmas sales.

Christmas was awesome here. I hope it was for you too if that's what you celebrate; if you celebrate something else, I hope it is/was awesome too. I got seven books and a pair of pajamas for Christmas, which is my idea of utter bliss.

Oh, and Mom and I saw the Sherlock Holmes movie today. It's terrific. I highly recommend it!

Tomorrow I've got to help clean up the house and I want to finish reading the book I'm in the middle of (Dr Shuker's Casebook by Karl Shuker, which is absolutely wonderful). If I have time, though, I plan to finish my stupid never-ending rewrites of Bell-Men. And on Monday I'm going to write a short story if it kills me. Hopefully it won't kill me, because I've got all these great books to read before I die.


Fox Lee said...

That is one wonky dream! Better than being back in school, minus your pants, I suppose ; )

K.C. Shaw said...

I still occasionally get the "late for class" type dreams too. Stupid subconscious.

Jamie Eyberg said...

I have had some pretty wonky dreams of late too. I think it is the cholesterol meds I am on.

K.C. Shaw said...

I suspect in my case it's probably the super-rich holiday foods I've been eating. So your dreams are due to cholesterol meds and my dreams are just due to cholesterol. :)