Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ennui and Me

Boo! I'm boring! I have nothing to post about so I haven't posted.

Well, okay, I saw a downy woodpecker today. That's exciting.

This week has been impossibly miserable at work, which has left me very little brainpower and willpower to write. I'm also bored silly with my romance, so I've been pecking out a few (very few) words on the untitled swashbuckling fantasy, which I'd like to get back into--but I don't even have the gumption for that.

It snowed this morning. Yes, it melted almost immediately, but seriously, can we just quit with the snow thing? I'm ready for spring. The downy woodpecker agrees with me.


Paula RC said...
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Paula RC said...

No, I can't believe it you're out of words Never! Bored! You can't possibly be bored when you have so much writing to do. With the snowy thing, yes... And every where being so wet. YES, yes, yes. But nothing to write about, you, unbelievable!

Swashbuckling fantasy, now that does sound very interesting. Can you tell us more?

K.C. Shaw said...

Well, the swashbuckling fantasy doesn't have a name yet, but it's a lot of fun. At least, ordinarily it is. Today, nothing is fun.

Aaron Polson said...

I hear you re: snow. We missed school (again) this week. I'm. So. Tired. Of. Snow.

The words will come back.

Fox Lee said...

Psst: Let's go write gay romance ; ) I already have a pen name and everything! You know you want to.

Cate Gardner said...

Here's a pretty saying for you... 'March winds will blow and we shall have snow.'

*runs away*

K.C. Shaw said...

Aaron--My mom says that snow's only fun before Christmas. I'm not even sure it's fun then anymore.

Natalie--That'll be my next step. Actually, it probably would sell better than the crap I'm writing now. :)

Cate--It had better not! By March I want it to be all sunshine and flowers!

Jamie Eyberg said...

For fun this week, and to try to appease the Spring time gods, I planted my tomatoes. They are in a sunny window nestled in moist warm peat beds as we speak. Meanwhile, outside it is 10 degrees.

K.C. Shaw said...


All our tomato plants died last year. We think there's some kind of weird fungus or something in the soil. The peppers were fine, though.

Hmm, I bet I could start pepper seeds on a windowsill! I've never tried, but now I have to give it a shot.

Anne Spollen said...

We got snowed in AGAIN on Friday. Even the kids are getting cabin fever.

I did hear that all this snow is going to make for a more colorful spring. Let's hope.

K.C. Shaw said...

Let's hope the more colorful spring starts soon, too!

At this rate, I'm expecting rainbow-hued flowers and huge flocks of birds of paradise.

Richard said...

You know, I was just scrolling down these comments and happened to glance across two in a row. The first I hit was from Natalie:

> Psst: Let's go write gay romance ;)

And the second was Cate's follow-on post:

> March winds will blow and we shall have snow.

I really, really think you should name one of your characters March Winds.

K.C. Shaw said... :)