Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And that was 50!

I've now read 50 books this year, ten of them published by small presses. I may not be doing so hot on any of my other new year's resolutions, but by golly I've nailed this one.

Book #50 was a very funny one by Harry Harrison, which I reviewed over at Skunk Cat (of course), and which happened to also be published (okay, republished--but it counts) by a small press. Go me.

Skunk Cat Book Reviews is actually the main reason I've been keeping up with my reading. Since I want to keep new content up (at least one review weekly is my goal), and since I want to post reviews of a good variety of books, I have to read read read. I can't say that my to-be-read pile has shrunk (because I just buy way too many books), but at least it still fits on the new shelves I built this summer.


Aaron Polson said...

You are my reading hero. (And I need to get my review head on straight...I have several books wanting a review over at Skull Salad.)

Fox Lee said...

I dream of shelves. That's one thing we don't have more room for!

K.C. Shaw said...

Aaron--I like Skull Salad. I hope you update it soon!

Natalie--I don't have room for more shelves at this point either. Well, unless I take out some other furniture. I don't really need to keep my clothes in a chest of drawers--I can stuff them in cardboard boxes in the closet.

Cate Gardner said...

*Hangs head in shame* I'm nowhere near 50 books read. I can maybe offer 50 short stories.

K.C. Shaw said...

Ah, but I haven't read 50 short stories (maybe five?), so we're even.