Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Great Chili Pepper Giveaway

I was going to wait until Oct. 1 to do a pepper giveaway, doubling it up with the Oct. 1 garden update (because EVERYONE CARES). But I've got way too many peppers, and I want to start clearing out parts of the garden so I can plant the winter stuff.

So here's the deal. If you're interested in receiving some free peppers, email me at kateshaw123 [at] gmail [dot] com. You can also send it to my other gmail address, kcshaw123, either way. I check both. Send me your mailing address and tell me what kind of peppers you'd like. I'd be happy to send a sampler of different kinds if you want to try different ones.

I've got mostly hot peppers, and I can't claim that they'll get to you in prime edible shape. I don't think I'd better send any overseas--sorry, pepper fanciers from other lands. You can dry the peppers and harvest the seeds if you don't want to eat them, although you may end up with a strange cross, since my plants are all crammed together in a small garden and may have cross-pollinated. But that's part of the fun, right?

In return, all I ask is that you buy a small-press book before the year is out--I don't care what press or what book, and you don't have to prove you've bought one. It's all on the honor system, although it would be nifty if you post to let me know if you've found a new treasure.

I've got these peppers available--first come, first served. Let me know if you have a preference for green peppers, half-ripe, or fully ripe. All the peppers are pesticide-free and I don't pick the ones that have been bug-nibbled.

Tabasco (lots and lots of these)
Habanero (red and yellow varieties)
Serrano (lots of these too, a few ripe but mostly green)
Thai Hot
NuMex Twilight, or possibly Sunrise--can't remember which and the tags are gone
a few Jalapeno and Cayenne
...and mystery peppers that have lost their labels and don't look familiar to me (but I promise they're edible)

You can ask for some milder peppers if you like and I'll send them if I have them.

Oh, and (ahem) I have a Lulu book available as a real book or a download if you're interested in growing or using peppers (including recipes!), 25 Chili Peppers You Should Read About in This Book Before You Die.


Fox Lee said...

Thai hot, Thai hot!

K.C. Shaw said...

Send me your mailing address and I'll send you a bunch of Thai hots! (Or do you just like saying Thai hot? Because I know I do.)

Aaron Polson said...

If the rest of the family wasn't so...ahem cowardly when it came to peppers...

K.C. Shaw said...

My mom's the same way. I can't add the really hot ones to anything she's going to eat.