Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Now that's what I call a TOC

The TOC for the Distant Realms novella antho has been announced!

Katherine Shaw, "The Price of Justice"
Trent Roman, "The Battle of Transvaal"
Alfred D. Byrd, "The Seventh Proficiency"
Eliza Granville, "Snatchlings"
Robert J. Santa, "Turning Point"

As it happens, Rob Santa was one of the first editors I ever worked with. He bought the third story I ever sold, and the first story I wrote specifically for a market, "Sea and Sky" in the awesome anthology Black Dragon, White Dragon. The world of writing is a small one.

I'm really looking forward to this anthology! I think novellas are sadly underappreciated these days; hopefully this antho and its SF companion, Distant Worlds, will help change that.

(I should point out modestly that the Katherine Shaw listed up there is me. The editor listed me on the website by my full name, although by the time we do edits and proofs and all that good stuff, I'll be properly listed as K.C. Shaw.)


Fox Lee said...

I think novellas are delightful. In fact, I'm planning one now : )

K.C. Shaw said...

Good! More novellas, please!

Cate Gardner said...

I'm a novella fan. Congratulations and I see you're Katherine Shaw in the TOC.

K.C. Shaw said...

Yes, the editor put my name up wrong (I'm still writing as K.C. Shaw).

Danielle Birch said...

Most excellent!