Monday, November 29, 2010


Look at that! The monkey says I won!

I made it to 50,000 words at last--it was touch and go, moreso than previous years. At least, it felt harder this year than previous years. This is my sixth time playing and my sixth time crossing the finish line, and the first time I didn't have one dedicated project to work on.

I made the most of my time, though. I finished the steampunk Goldielocks story, which is edited and on submission now. I also finished the (short) rough draft of the untitled romance. After that I was going to work on Christopher Kaplan, and in fact I did write a few thousand words on it, but then I stalled out. As I mentioned last week, I've been reading nothing but murder mysteries this month, and since my brain is bathed entirely in murder-mystery juice as a result, I've been thinking about the Darla Dare mystery I've been wanting to write. In desperation to get my last several thousand words in for nano, I started the book. So far it's pretty good. Of course, I'm now to the point where I actually have to work out the plot, so I doubt I'll be continuing at the same pace. Still, it's going to be fun.

Now I have edits coming in from stuff I've sold this year--perfect timing, too, since I can now concentrate on them. I also want to revise and edit (and title) the romance so I can get it out hopefully by January or February. Lots of stuff to do!


Aaron Polson said...

Stupid plot. Always in the way.

Aaron Polson said...

And congrats (of course)!

LMEighmy said...

Congratulations! :D I just reached my goal, too, so good on both of us. :)

Danielle Birch said...

Well done! Good luck with the edits.

K.C. Shaw said...

Thanks, y'all!

Cate Gardner said...

You edited during NaNo too? They should make a special badge for that.