Thursday, January 20, 2011

Write hard! Writers I admire

The amazing Cate Gardner has nominated me for the Write Hard award! She's so awesome, and to prove it I point to the recently published collection of her short fiction, Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits.

Rules for the award:

1. Post the picture above to your blog. You can link here if you want. It doesn't have to become part of the permanent clutter of your sidebar. Goodness no.

2. List at least three writers who you feel live up to the "write hard" spirit. Think: writers who work at their craft, writers who never give up despite the odds, writers who constantly turn out quality work. Writers you admire. Optional: explain why you think they are awesome.

3. Include these rules or a link to them.

4. Notify said writers of their victory. Ask them to pass on the torch.

5. Continue being awesome.

Here are my picks of 'write hard' writers--and I could have picked just about anyone off my blogroll, because you are all awesome writers. I'd nominate Aaron Polson, but he started the meme. :)

Jeremy Kelly. Jeremy's list of published short fiction is amazing and inspiring, and he works hard to craft the best possible stories. Editors agree that obviously he's doing a good job at it!

Carrie Harris. Because she writes books while wearing werewolf heels and taking care of her kids. I can't wait to read her first novel, Bad Taste in Boys, which comes out this summer!

Danielle Ferries. Hopefully she hasn't been washed away in the Australian floods. Danielle writes marvelous short fiction and edits the hell out of her novels at the same time. I'm not sure how she manages it.


Aaron Polson said...

Thanks for playing, KC! You should check out Jeremy's short story, "A Birth in the Year of the Miracle Plague" in Shock Totem #3. Good stuff. ;)

K.C. Shaw said...

I need to order a copy of Shock Totem #3 (and the latest 52 Stitches, which I've been meaning to do for weeks). Unless I've got the story mixed up with a different one, I've actually read it (or at least a version of it) when Jeremy asked me to beta read a while back. It's awesome!

Unknown said...

Guys. You're making me blush.

I thank you for the nomination, K.C. You are an inspiration yourself, and a kick ass novel writer to boot.

K.C. Shaw said...

If we all link arms, we can take over THE WORLD!

Cate Gardner said...

Excellent choices, Kate.

K.C. Shaw said...

Thanks for nominating me. :)

Danielle Birch said...

Awwww, thanks, KC. Not washed away in the floods, thankfully we weren't affected but it's been quite devastating for the city and the region. I'll get cracking on this tomorrow and post :)