Thursday, December 8, 2011

Read like the wind

Goodreads is giving people badges for their pages if they meet their reading goals. That's it, I have to spend the next few weeks doing nothing but reading. Fortunately, that's precisely what I was wanting to do anyway. And I only have 21 books left to meet my goal!

Mom's started back on her chemotherapy this week, and her new schedule is miserable (although at least it's not giving me migraines the way it is poor Mom). Before, she went in once every three weeks for a session that lasted about six hours. It was a long, wretched day but I could spend most of it reading or writing while Mom napped or listened to her MP3 player. Now, though, she's been switched to a one-hour session every day for a week (M-F) and then two weeks off. That means that I have to drive Mom to her session in Knoxville in the morning, drive her home and get her settled, drive to work late (I'm using three hours of sick leave every day this week, more than I have, so I'll be into leave without pay again by the end of the month), and drive home. I'm putting over 100 miles on my car every day. And there's not enough time for me to read more than a few pages per her chemo session, and all my free time is spent in the car.

So if I don't get my Goodreads badge, blame Mom's oncologist. I plan to.

I've been reading a lot of mysteries lately, especially an awesome police procedural series I discovered a few months ago by Barry Maitland. They're the kind of books I was hoping to find earlier this year. Unfortunately for my book count, they're long and densely written. Maybe I'll make up my Goodreads numbers by reading a lot of picture books. That counts, right?


Cate Gardner said...

Picture books are books ;)

K.C. Shaw said...

Good! There are a lot of them out there too. :)

Kelly Robinson said...

Give my best to your amazing Mom!

I discovered that the GoodReads challenge is tweakable. You can actually change the number. I lowered my goal! Hey, the number on the badge will be the number of books I read, right? So it's only sort of cheating.

Kelly Robinson said...

Oh, and BTW-- the Blogger dashboard is still broken. Though I've followed you a billion times, this blog STILL doesn't show up. I have to rely on my memory to remember to check this one out periodically.

K.C. Shaw said...

Stupid Blogger dashboard. I've noticed that sometimes you show up on my list of followers and sometimes you don't. I have no idea why.