Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Awesome things

Look at this, I'm posting twice in one day.

I have a guest post about publishing with small presses up at Rob Haines' blog. Really, what else is there to say about that except that it is awesome?

Also, Cate Gardner's story "The Mechanical Heart of Him" is today's Daily Science Fiction story, so if you sign up really fast before the day's over you may get it mailed to you. If not, I believe it will be up on the site pretty soon. The story is also awesome.

I have to work tomorrow, which is not awesome, but I have Friday off instead and my sister-in-law and nephews are in town so I can see them Friday. That is definitely awesome.


Cate Gardner said...

Thank you for the link (and for making me realise I'd ignored Google Reader for a week - oops!)

K.C. Shaw said...

Since Google 'updated' I'm much less likely to bother with Google Reader too. My computer doesn't display it correctly.