Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What's the weather?

Because I don't like the U.S. covers, and because the U.S. version isn't out yet, and because the U.S. version will have all its fascinating, semi-incomprehensible slang edited into bland Americanisms, and because I have the British version of the first two books, I ordered Whispers Under Ground by Ben Aaronovitch from Amazon UK. It's surprisingly inexpensive, even with shipping. The book arrived today and I've been reading for a few pleasant hours.

The book's set in mid-December in London, with an unusual amount of snow. And I've been lying on the bed reading in a summer-weight nightgown--thin cotton, sleeveless, short--with the air conditioner going. I did turn off the overhead fan because my feet were cold.

So between reading a book set in bitterly cold weather and lying around the air conditioning in not enough clothes, I somehow got the impression that it's cold out. So when I put the book down to take a break and stretch my legs, I thought, "Oh, I'll take a brisk walk."

So I pulled on some clothes and opened the front door. And I was INCINERATED ALIVE by a WALL OF FLAMES. Or at least I started to sweat instantly as hot air rolled in. Because it's 95 degrees out and about 100% humidity*.

I think I will take a walk much later tonight after it's dark. Until then, I have a lovely book to read.

*Actually 91 degrees and 51% humidity, which the Weather Channel says gives a heat index of 97. So it's not that hot. But it's not snow, either.

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