Monday, March 28, 2016


I've been listening to a few podcasts regularly for a couple of years, but in the last few months I've suddenly really gotten into them. One podcast mentions another, that one leads me to a third, and so on until I have an awful lot of podcasts I like and can't keep them all straight.

So I'll make a list.

The Flopcast
This is a fun and funny weekly podcast with a focus on geek culture.

Welcome to Night Vale
The only fictional podcast I listen to. It's just as good as everyone claims. I recommend you start at episode one.

The Skeptics Guide to the Universe
A weekly podcast. The focus is mostly on science and skepticism, with some geek culture references.

Short, interesting episodes looking scientifically at pseudoscientific or folkloric beliefs.

A fun podcast about monsters--folkloric, historical, fictional, and so forth.

Astonishing Legends
This one ranges from ghost stories to historical mysteries--I especially recommend the Laughing Indian for the former, the two-part investigation of Amelia Earhart's disappearance for the latter.

(From Astonishing Legends I discovered Dark Myths, which is a collective of a bunch of great podcasts. I'm still sampling them, but some of my favorites are below.)

Wonderfully creepy, thoughtful episodes with a focus on historical legends.

Strange Matters
A podcast of wide-ranging interests, from monsters and ghosts to serial killers and mysterious deaths. An interesting mix.

Night Time podcast
Creepy and interesting episodes about strange events, from mysterious disappearances to Canadian folklore.

Singing Bones
About fairy tales and other folk stories, with a focus on real-world connections.

The Podcast of Doom
Most of these episodes I find too depressing to listen to, but I have a ghoulish love of accounts of fires and other similar disasters and these are good.

The Vanished
Accounts of people who went missing under suspicious circumstances in the modern era.

Casefile True Crime
Solved and unsolved crimes in the modern era, particularly those in Australia.

A look at both serious crimes and quirky ones, historical and modern, with a focus more on the after-effects than on the crimes themselves.

Generation Why
Another true crime podcast, largely unsolved murders but with a good variety of other topics and interviews too.

Thinking Sideways
Unsolved mysteries, primarily crimes like murder and disappearances but wide-ranging in content.

Our Fake History
Well-researched, in-depth episodes examining historical events. Often funny and I love the host's voice.

Archaeological Fantasies
Excellent episodes where professional archaeologists dig (ha) into pseudo-history claims to find their sources and discover why they continue to be believed.

Strange events, both historical and modern. Atmospheric and nicely different.

Expanded Perspectives
A long-running podcast covering unexplained things. Maybe a bit on the credulous side of skeptical but a lot of fun too.

Movie Sign with the Mads
Witty movie reviews with Frank Conniff and Trace Beaulieu from MST3K, plus someone named Carolina Hidalgo who I don't know but I like her.

Out ov the Coffin
A monthly podcast featuring dark music, from goth and postpunk to death metal and everything in between. I find a lot of great new music here.

Alchemist in the Evening
Another dark music podcast, this one leaning more toward metal. It's sadly defunct now (hasn't been updated since last summer) but I keep checking back just in case....

Modern Drummer Mike and Mike podcast
Excellent weekly podcast talking about various aspects of drumming. Lowkey but intelligent discussion between the two hosts.

Behind the Kit
I almost forgot this one! These are interviews with various drummers.

(Expect this post to be updated frequently as I find new podcasts. I mostly just need a way to keep them all straight.)

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