Monday, September 3, 2007

Bored, bored, boredboredboredboredbored

It's terrible to be bored over a three-day weekend. I blame the cake batter.

I love cake batter. I don't love cake. So every so often I break down and buy a cheap box of cake mix (French vanilla, for preference). I don't add eggs or oil, just water. And I sit down with a mixing spoon and eat it until I'm sick.

That's what I had for breakfast this morning, with a glass of milk. Yes, breakfast. No, I no longer recall how I convinced myself that was a good idea, except that I'd overslept and was kind of groggy and I'm out of cereal and didn't want to cook oatmeal or eggs or anything, you know, fancy.

So I've spent the day bored and unable to concentrate on anything, probably due to my massive sugar intake at 9am. I did rewrite the query for Evil Outfitters, Ltd. and sent it off to a publisher I can't at the moment recall. And I opened up the file of a story I really, really need to work on, and did actually work on the first two paragraphs before going back to Desktop Tower Defense. Which I'm really bad at, even when I'm not gorked out on cake batter.

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