Saturday, September 8, 2007

Zippy acceptance! Whee!

Last night I sent a story to a new anthology, Desolate Places, and got an acceptance within a matter of hours! Considering that that particular story, "Honeymoon," had previously been subbed at Chaos Theory (I withdrew it after months and months and months) and then Neo-Opsis (I withdrew it after months and months and months), a less than one-day acceptance was a nice change. Especially for an impatient person like me.

The anthology sounds fascinating, too. I was going to try and write something else for it if this story was rejected, because I love the theme. Now I don't have to worry, and I get a copy of the finished anthology (plus a nice token payment and tiny royalties).

It's storming here. I have to go outside and run around in the rain to flare off some energy from my good mood. And for!

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