Monday, October 15, 2007

It's all wrong!

I'm wrong about my MC for my Nano book. He can't be a former knockabout who got his pet dragon from a shady dealer in a Turkish bazaar, not if he's going to be the same guy I'd intended. Now I'm back where I started. Bah!

On the other hand, the more I think about the other main character in the book, the more I like her. But she can't carry the story on her own; Jack and his dragon Pepper need to be central. And I don't know anything about them! Double bah!

*drums fingers irritably* I've only got a few weeks to work this all out! I've waited a whole year to start on this project, because it's so perfect for Nano, and I'm not switching to a different one. Although I really, really want to work on that mystery I was thinking about a few weeks ago.

No--I'm going ahead with Jack of All Trades, dammit. Maybe I'll have to make Jack a little rougher than I'd planned. That'll give me the boring (possibly) task of addressing class issues--boring because I'm actually addressing the same issue in a different book (last year's Nano book, as it happens, which I keep finding my attention drawn to; I need to finish it).

Maybe I'll just make Jack a ninja and save myself some time.

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