Sunday, October 28, 2007


I finally got my NaNo book outlined this weekend! I started the outline yesterday, and last night after going to bed I worked out the ending. Right-before-I-fall-asleep is my best time for plotting, for some reason. Last night it backfired a bit, because while I figured out the perfect ending, resolving the major story arc using something introduced naturally in chapter one, I got so excited that I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. I ended up getting up and working logic puzzles until midnight.

For anyone who's interested, here's my outline. Just a few more days and I can get started! I'm going to be keeping the chapter titles for this one, and I may shuffle a few chapters around as I write. I'm hoping that some of the chapters will work as standalone stories with just a little tweaking.

Jack of All Trades

Preface: Advertising Pays

I. The Mad Colt
hag-ridden--a bite for Pepper--it follows under the stars

II. The Wasp Orchard
"hallo, ugly"--something bothering the wasps--Pepper and parafin--porch steps

III. The Long Letter Home
pen for hire--Pepper's got a bone--buzz buzz

IV. Haying
No rain--all in a day's work--Helen's lemonade

V. The Ghost in the Abbey
The storm, and it searches--the visiting wizard--an ill wind

VI. The Fretful Old Man
Barlowe House--the anti-gaming league--Helen's subterfuge

VII. The Damsel in Distress
Disappearance of Helen--the nature of dragons--not exactly a knight

VIII. The Modern Farmer
Keen business fence--those aren't goats--laughing last

IX. The Wishing Well
poor soil--X marks the spot--silver spoon, gold ring

X. The Fairies' Infestation
delegation--what price silver?--stampede to safety

XI. The Stranger
Mrs. Peevies' lodger--screams in the night--lulled to sleep

XII. The Harvest Race
Mr. Goodacre's triumph--stolen horses--waspish culprits

XIII. The Highwaymen
stand and deliver--Pepper can roar--no gaming tables today--crossing rivers

XIV. The Cursed Wedding
hurried vows--pain--Pepper saves the day

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