Friday, May 30, 2008

most boring post ever

We're back to the usual semester schedule at work, so today isn't Friday for me. It's Thursday, and tomorrow's Friday. But Sunday is Sunday because I have to work Monday. But I do get Thursdays off. I'm not sure how well I'm going to like this schedule, but I do still love my job so I'll adapt. And I got my first paycheck, which was great--we get paid monthly, and I was worried I wouldn't get my first check until the end of June.

I just sent two stories off, and one of them at least I think is a good fit for the market. Let's hope the editor thinks so too. All my novel subs are still hanging fire. I did actually drop an email to Mundania the other day to check the status of my sub, since it's been six months now and I'm worried I might have missed their reply. Other than that, no news is good news.

Stag in Velvet has me by the throat, which is thoroughly wonderful. I do love these characters, and the plot is working well. Today at lunch I slipped into the Zone and it was very very very difficult to make myself stop writing and go back to work. It was slow this afternoon so I would have had time to do some writing in the spiral notebook I drag around with me all the time these days, except that one of my coworkers was in a chatty mood. I was her captive audience while she told me all about people she disliked in high school--and this woman is in her 50s. By that age, you really should put the petty annoyances of high school life behind you. So I spent the last hour of work almost as bored as you must be now.

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