Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Now for gawd's sake sleep

Yes, I know, this is my fourth post today. Or third, maybe. Hell, I'm running on four hours' sleep here from last night. I'm lucky I can still type.

I just finished Tinker by Wen Spencer. The first third or so was great. Then it sort of devolved. I saw the big transformation coming, hoped I was wrong, wasn't wrong, and almost gave up on the book in disgust. Instead I read another 200 damn pages, skimming all the boring SF techie stuff and all the boring fantasy elf stuff, and the ending was just a stupid fight. I got very annoyed with the Mary Sueish character of Tinker and the author's blatant plot-steering.

You know what? I liked Magic Lost, Trouble Found a whole lot more than this book. There's a sequel to Tinker. No thanks. There's a sequel to Magic Lost, Trouble Found. I can't wait until I can read it.

One interesting thing about Tinker, though, is that it was set in a version of Pittsburgh, PA. It just happens that my only foray out of the south was to Pittsburgh, or to the little town of Ambridge near Pittsburgh, where I lived for almost two years. It was weird whenever the book mentioned places like the strip district or the various rivers surrounding the city, because I knew exactly what was being described and could picture it. No mention of Ambridge, but at least Sewickley got a shout-out.

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