Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hit the road, already!

I got a little work done on Little Sparrow this evening--not much, but more than yesterday. Sparrow and Hildy are preparing to leave town. They've been preparing to leave town for weeks now, real-time, not book-time. I keep coming across things that I absolutely have to include for the plot to make sense, even if they're not very interesting or fun to write. The current scene? Hildy is about to go to the bank. Whee! No one will remain seated during the banking scene!

I hope to skim through the bank in a few hundred words at most, but then I have to take Sparrow and Hildy to buy supplies for their trip--it can't be avoided, since Hildy's going to meet Gavin the Bad Guy there. Hildy doesn't know he's the bad guy, of course. She's going to find him terribly attractive. Sparrow knows he's the bad guy, but Sparrow's going to be off somewhere, shopping.

Geez, I've got to get these two out of town. All this banking and shopping has to stop so that monsters can attack.


Cate Gardner said...

Ah! Sounds like you know your characters very, very well. And a woot for the monsters.

Aaron Polson said...

I never met a banking scene I didn't like.

Wait...did you say, banking?

Never mind then.

Jamie Eyberg said...

Laying out the scene can be tedious. Especially the writer kind of knows what is going to happen next.

K.C. Shaw said...

Cate--I'm looking forward to the monsters. Much more interesting than banking. Or baking, which is what I accidentally typed just now. :)

Aaron--BANKING, not bonking. (Reminds me of the Bloom Co. comic with the old guy complaining about his personal ad that reads "into spanking" instead of banking.)

Jamie--Yeah, I'm bad about rushing through what I consider boring parts to get to the fun stuff (like monsters). Quite often I have to go back and fill in too-sketchy scenes later.