Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thinking ahead

I've got an idea for a sequel to Misfits, and I can't wait to get started on it. But...I'm not sure if I should start writing it yet. What if Misfits doesn't sell? What if I get an agent for it and she/he wants me to take the next book in a different direction?

Anyway, I've got other books waiting for my attention. I don't like leaving projects half-finished when they're still "live" in my imagination. I've been planning to finish Adventures in Zoology for over a year; maybe I'll work on it next. And The Trickster Society really needs me to finish the rewrite.

Besides, until I can think up a working title for the Misfits sequel, I'm better off not starting it.


Michael McClung said...

Well, considering my track record for offering you titles, maybe I should hush my mouth. But 'Oucasts' springs to mind...

K.C. Shaw said...

That's actually really good. I'm not sure if it would fit with this particular book, but the next one, now, quite possible.

Yes, I've already thought about to book three. I'm hopeless.

Kelly Robinson said...

I'm in love with the British show Misfits (which may be getting a remake over here.) I think of it every time I hear the title.

Maybe you should go ahead and write a second if you're really feeling it. Even if it ends up not useful for this series, it could always be reworked into something else. Plus, if you write it and it's awesome, a publisher might be less likely to steer you a different way.

K.C. Shaw said...

Yeah, someone on Twitter told me about the British show. All the good titles are taken.

I've started the sequel after all. I like it, and I might as well make the most of my non-contracted time. (See how positive I am? I am assuming I'll sell this book and have a contract for a sequel!)