Friday, August 3, 2012

Two steps back

I was going to post pictures of my car, since I keep reading books where the authors get details about Mini Coopers totally wrong and I thought it would be helpful for someone out there to have illustrated points of reference. But I haven't gotten around to taking the photos off my camera. So I'll post that this weekend, probably.

Instead, here's a brief writing update. I had a novelette and a novel that were supposed to be released this year. The novelette was scheduled for an April release date, but that magazine closed, so obviously it didn't appear. There aren't many markets for a 15,000 word SF story, but I've re-edited it and hopefully I can find a home for it eventually. A home that doesn't dissolve!

The novel is The Weredeer, which was delayed in the editing stages for various reasons and had its publication date pushed back a few times. Then the publisher went ebook only instead of print and ebook. Mine was one of four projects caught in between the old model and the new, and the publisher gave me the option of releasing me from my contract or going ahead and publishing ebook only. I had to think hard about this since we'd made it to the proof stage and I'd had a really good editing experience. But I chose finally to be released from my contract.

So now poor Weredeer is homeless again. I haven't decided what to do about it. I'll probably sit on it for a while, since I'm busy with other stuff and want to be able to devote a serious chunk of time to rewriting the query and synopsis and finding the right market for it.

I'm querying my YA Shadow Trail currently. I was going to wait, but I've given it several revision passes and there are no parts that make me think, "Hmm, that still needs work." It's more tightly written than anything I've ever done, and I'm proud that I got it that way on the first draft. I only had to add a few small scenes during revisions, and didn't have to cut any scenes.


Richard said...

Aw, nuts. After all this time, you'd think Kristoff would get some luck. :(

K.C. Shaw said...

The poor guy just has a crappy life.

Cate Gardner said...

That's a shame about The Weredeer, but I'm sure you'll find a new home for it soon.

K.C. Shaw said...

I hope so!