Sunday, June 29, 2008

Anonymous, ticks, and other important stuff

For those of you who don't read Elizabeth Bear's excellent blog, she posted a link to a fantastic site that keeps track of Anonymous's activities against Scientology. I've never read a word of her fiction, but I love Bear's blog. Maybe I'll pick up a paperback of hers today as a way to thank her.

I'm meeting my mom to see Wall-E today! I've heard good things about it, but didn't get a chance to see it yesterday. Instead, I did a decent amount of writing during and after work, then went out to pick blackberries. I got enough to make a very tiny cobbler, I think. I may pick up some peaches at the store to bulk the cobbler out a little. Then again, that may turn out really nasty; I've never tried a blackberry/peach cobbler. The flavors may not blend.

I made the mistake of wearing shorts to blackberry pick--not shorts, actually; I guess they're some variety of crop pants, where the cuffs hit around mid-calf. I forgot to change into jeans and paid the price. By the time I got home, my ankles and calves were so scratched up that I looked like I'd crawled out of one of the milder horror books, maybe one for younger readers, maybe subcaptioned "Was it berry juice--or blood?" Also, I got two ticks on me, although that's not bad considering that I was wading through what amounted to Tick Country, USA.

Now it's a cool and rainy morning and I have only pleasant things to do today. And the Fourth of July is coming up! Life is good.


A Nonymous said...

Glad you like my site!

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K.C. Shaw said...

Cool, I will! Very nice site.