Monday, June 9, 2008

Title Woes

I saw the guy-who-looks-just-like-Alex today, which made me happy. I was starting to worry about him, since I hadn't seen him since the first day of classes. I almost didn't recognize him--he'd put his hair back in a little ponytail, probably due to the heat. So adorable.

I tried very hard today to come up with a title for the book that comes between The Weredeer and Stag in Velvet, but without luck. I did think of The Hunted Hart, but it's not really all that good. I may end up going with Stag at Bay, which was the original title of The Weredeer. That won't confuse me at all, oh no.

The mimosa trees decided overnight that it was summer. They're all blooming! God, I loves me some mimosa trees.

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