Sunday, June 8, 2008

Books about deer

I'm tired of waiting to hear back on The Weredeer sub I have out to a small press, so I decided yesterday that it was time to take a hard look at the book and send it out to a bigger publisher. It's not like I've given an exclusive to anyone, and it's ridiculous not to try all the big publishers who'll look at unsolicited subs.

I ended up rewriting the first chapter almost entirely, adding about 1,500 words, and I reread the whole book and made some small changes. You know what? It's an excellent book. I might be a wee bit biased, of course.

So I didn't get much actual writing done this weekend, although I now know who did the murders in Stag in Velvet. Unfortunately I'll be proctoring all day tomorrow and won't be able to write, but I'll make it my goal to come up with a decent title for the book that comes between The Weredeer and Stag in Velvet.

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