Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vaccuuming the cat

I forgot to check my starting word count, but I'm now 112,000 words into Stag in Velvet. I'll probably get another thousand words before bedtime. This book is so freaking full of stuff! I keep remembering things I have to include. I suspect the revisions for this thing are going to be a real bugger.

I would have done a lot more writing today except that I slept late, and then I had to play some Exile III (I'm at the Tower of Shifting Floors, which I hate, so since I wasn't having fun I figured it was somehow good for me to play Exile III instead of writing), and then I had to walk up to the town center for a Coke, and then I had to--well, you get the point. But I did finally settle down to write around 1pm. I think I've probably written a good solid four hours today, all told. Not bad.

And yet, somehow, I still feel as though I wasted the day. How can this be? Even if I hadn't done any writing at all, at least I cleaned out the refrigerator and picked up all the dry dog poo from the yard. Doesn't that count for anything?


Cate Gardner said...

Keep at it.

LOL! Your blog title...

K.C. Shaw said...

Hehe, anything to keep from writing!