Sunday, November 2, 2008

Zombie cows

Mom and I had this conversation today in a book store:

Me: I figured out what cows sound like.
Mom: What?
Me: They sound like zombies.
Mom: What do zombies sound like?
Me: Braaaaains.
Mom: That's a zombie?
Me: A zombie cow. All cows sound like zombies.

Then we went to Panera, where the food is overpriced and not very good, and they have about one plug for every twenty tables, and we wrote for a while. Mom's doing Nano too. She's writing about a man who gets laid off from his job at M&M Brakes and enters a turkey shoot for the money, and accidentally shoots someone. I'm working on The Taste of Magic, of course, which still feels like the awesomest book of awesome evar to me.

I just introduced a new character. Yeah, 40k words in and I've introduced a major character. At least, he keeps trying to become a major character. I'm going to hold him back for now, but in the sequel (of course there will be a sequel--these characters are too fun to drop) he can take center stage along with Ana. They have some interesting chemistry. Maybe because he's a troll.


Carrie Harris said...

How cool is it that you're doing Nano with your mom.

And yeah, cows do sound a little like zombies.

K.C. Shaw said...

The cows near my house sound a lot like zombies. Which worries me, actually.