Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Movie Meme

Since I just read three people's blogs doing this meme (Alan W. Davidson, Jameson T. Caine, and Natalie L. Sin), I can't stop myself from picking it up too. Besides, I love movies!

1. Name a movie that you have seen more than 10 times.
The original Star Wars, of course. I've probably seen FOTR ten times by now. Anything animated that I own on DVD I've definitely seen at least ten times.

2. Name a movie that you’ve seen multiple times in the theater.
On Friday I saw the new Harry Potter movie, and Mom and I went again yesterday. I'm a big movie-goer, so I see a lot of movies multiple times in the theater, especially anything animated.

3. Name an actor that would make you more inclined to see a movie.
Alan Rickman. Mmmm.

4. Name an actor that would make you less likely to see a movie.
I can't stand whatshisname--rubbery-faced guy, not a very funny comedian, plays the same type of character in every movie he's in. I can't think of his name. The only role I've ever thought he did a decent job in was The Grinch. Somebody help me out here, who is that guy?

5. Name a movie that you can and do quote from.
My family is big on dropping movie quotes into conversations, so I could list about a million here if I thought about it. One of my favorite movie quotes is "Now you see that evil must triumph, because good is dumb" from Space Balls--a movie I otherwise didn't find all that hilarious (although my brother did).

6. Name a movie musical that you know all of the lyrics to all of the songs.
Hairspray. In fact, I may have to watch that one tonight.

7. Name a movie that you have been known to sing along with.
Hairspray again, and Chicago, and of course Rocky Horror Picture Show. And a lot of Disney movies. I love a good musical, and I like to sing along with the DVDs or soundtrack CDs.

8. Name a movie that you would recommend everyone see.
Spirited Away. It's the most amazing animated film ever made.

9. Name a movie that you own.
The three sitting next to my TV right now are Ratatouille, Kung Fu Panda, and The Forbidden Kingdom. (I have sort of a martial arts/food theme going there.)

10. Name an actor that launched his/her entertainment career in another medium but who has surprised you with his/her acting chops.
Natalie mentioned David Bowie in Labyrinth on her blog. He was also in The Prestige a few years ago (a pretty good movie) and he was very good in that too. If not as yummy as he was when I was a teenager.

11. Have you ever seen a movie in a drive-in? If so, what?
I saw the original Star Wars at a drive-in one of the times I saw it, and I remember seeing Grease at a drive-in too.

12. Name a movie that you keep meaning to see but just haven’t yet gotten around to it.
Sweeney Todd.

13. Ever walked out of a movie?
A few times. I walked out of Swordfish, From Hell, and The Hills Have Eyes (the remake). That sort of tells you the kinds of movies I don't like, I guess. In the case of Swordfish and The Hills Have Eyes, I got so depressed that I wanted to slit my wrists, and I go to the movies to have fun. I was at From Hell with my mom and she wanted to leave; I probably would have enjoyed it if I'd stayed.

14. Name a movie that made you cry in the theater.
I cry very easily, especially at movies. I think the strongest reaction I've ever had was at Up, the new Pixar movie. Parts of it are so poignant that I sat in the theater with tears streaming down my face. When I went back and saw it a second time I thought I wouldn't react like that since I knew what to expect, but it was actually even worse. I expect when I get it on DVD and watch it at home, I'll actually be sobbing out loud. But most of that movie makes me laugh, so I don't mind crying too.

15. What’s the last movie you saw in the theater?
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. (I actually have a little movie journal I got in 2000, and I have jotted down a one or two sentence review of every single movie I've seen in the theater since then, with the date I first saw the movie. I'm going to be really bummed when I fill that journal up.)

16. What’s your favorite/preferred genre of movie?
Animation. I'm not too picky about the subject, as long as the animation is well done. Beyond that, I like comedies.

17. What’s the first movie you remember seeing in the theater?
I honestly don't know. My mom's a HUGE movie fan, so I was going to movies as soon as I could reliably sit still through a feature film.

18. What movie do you wish you had never seen?
Epic Movie. It was abyssmal. The only reason I saw it is because I was doing movie reviews for a local paper at the time, and nothing else was out. I gave it (as I recall) one star, and that was for the acting, which wasn't bad.

19. What is the weirdest movie you enjoyed?
I'm not sure. Weird is so relative. There's a bizarre and excellent little movie called The Triplets of Belleville that I do love dearly. Oh, and the Gundam Wing Endless Waltz movie makes absolutely no sense, even if you've committed the entire GW series to memory as I have.

20. What is the scariest movie you’ve seen?
I truly don't remember ever being actually scared in a movie. Tense, sure; grossed out, sure; but not scared. I think I disengage when I start feeling too scared, and start to look around at the darkened theater and the people around me, and think about what I need to do when I leave the theater, etc. As a result, when someone says, "That was such a scary movie," I say, "Really? I wasn't scared, I just got bored."

21. What is the funniest movie you’ve seen?
There's no way to pick one, so here are three: Kung Fu Panda, Mystery Men, and Galaxy Quest.


Alan W. Davidson said...

Loved your answers, KC. Rubber faced guy is Jim Carrey (I'm crushed, he's a fellow Canadian...). Actually you're right, I wish that I'd thought to put him on my list of bad actors. Bowie was great in "Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence" as well. And I totally forgot about Mystery Men. That was hilarious (I loved Macy as The Shoveller).

Aaron Polson said...


Tom Waits! You're Mystery Men mention reminded me of Mr. Waits!

Say goodbye, Ice Cube joke...(on my movie list)

Danielle Birch said...

My Mum and I are big on movie quotes too.

Unknown said...

ah! i want to change my own no reply answer to that one about good actors! alan rickman alan rickman alan rickman!

Jameson T. Caine said...

Already seen HP6 twice?!

That's okay. In times past, I'd see a film two or three times on opening day just to get it out of my system.

K.C. Shaw said...

Alan--Jim Carrey, of course! Thanks! And Macy was awesome in Mystery Men--in fact, everyone in Mystery Men was awesome, even Ben Stiller who I don't ordinarily love.

Aaron--That's right, I'd forgotten Tom Waits was in Mystery Men. He did a great job. "Say it with me. Heller." lol, I love that movie.

Danielle--I'm glad to know we're not the only ones. When my brother and I get together, the quotes fly fast and furious.

Horror Girl--oh goodie, you did the meme too! Hopefully I'll have time to read it before lunch. Alan Rickman is completely awesome.

Jameson--The main reason we saw it again the next day is that Mom had an unexpected guest drop by, the kind of person who will stay for hours and hours, and Mom invented a "we're going to see Harry Potter and already have tickets, so we have to leave at 4" thing--but we both ended up actually going again, and enjoyed it just as much the second time.

Carrie Harris said...

Mystery Men is one of my favorite movies ever. In fact, on my honeymoon CD mix, I actually put a voice snippet of The Bowler saying, "Maybe you should put some pants on, if you'd like to keep fighting evil today."


Jamie Eyberg said...

I like Rickman as well. His portrayal of bad guys is unparalleled. Quigly Down Under is a personal favorite.

K.C. Shaw said...

Carrie--Mystery Men is full of awesome lines like that. I must have watched that DVD a few dozen times and still laugh like crazy.

Jamie--I never saw Quigley Down Under, but now I'm tempted. Rickman does make an awesome bad guy. He's the perfect Snape in Harry Potter, for one thing.

Cate Gardner said...

Alan Rickman's voice makes me melt. Good pick.

K.C. Shaw said...

Ooh, yes, I love his voice!