Saturday, September 19, 2009

That was a surprise

Five hundred words into my Bell-Men writing today, and I had to stop and write a short story. I guess when you're hot, you're hot. :) I finished "Blood Oranges" a little while ago and love it so much I'm quite sure it's the worst story I've ever written. I can't decide if I should let it rest a while before I look at it again, or if I should send it off immediately before I start to hate it. Maybe I should just keep it to myself forever and ever because I love it so much I want it to be mine, all mine.

It's about a vampire who likes to cook. Yeah, a chance comment on a blog post and it gave me a real story idea--not just flash fiction either, this puppy's a trim 2,400 words long, which means it counts toward my "write six short stories in 2009" goal. Woot!


Fox Lee said...

It's going to make me wary of citrus fruit, isn't it ; )

K.C. Shaw said...

Possibly.... :)