Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Halfway through 2010

Here we are halfway through the year, and I have made exactly zero sales in 2010. I was kind of hoping I'd get one of those miraculous last-second saves before midnight, but it's after ten and all I've gotten today is one rejection. Still, that's better than nothing, especially since half my Duotrope listings are red.

I have to work tomorrow even though it's Thursday. Usually I have Thursdays off, but this week has been really weird schedule-wise. I get Friday off, though, and Monday. Unfortunately, on Saturday when almost everyone in the United States is celebrating July 4, I'll be working. Dammit.

My mom started writing a new story today. It's titled "We Are the Members of the Sunshine Club. We Are Spies, and Mean Girls." It's a little wordy, sure, but why can't I come up with titles that awesome?


Danielle Birch said...

I'm in the same boat. No sales yet either. Here's hoping the next half of the year is more prosperous.

K.C. Shaw said...

At least we know the next half of the year can't be any worse. Good luck to us both!

Jameson T. Caine said...

Same here. No sales, two rejections. Phooey.

Cate Gardner said...

Evil Outfitters, Ltd!!! I shall say no more.

Jamie Eyberg said...

I have to remind myself that the summer is a slow time for editors as well. I go through this every summer.

Fox Lee said...

I blame all the sunshine. It needs a firm, open handed spanking.

Either that, or I've been watching WAY too many movies with gratuitous ass shots.

K.C. Shaw said...

Jameson--Double phooey. What is wrong with these editors?

Cate--Ah, but that's an old title. It doesn't count.

Jamie--Summer seems to start in March and end in November, though. And in between is the holiday season, when they're also slow.

Natalie--Or both!