Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Yes, okay, most of the major midwinter/solstice holidays are over, but I've been sick with the Cold from Hell and my interest in blogging is at an all-time low. I hope your holidays were/are fantastic, and with the new year looming and the holiday baking mostly behind us all, we can look forward to a future wherein we will all be trim, athletic, efficient, and successful!

As I say, I've had a terrible cold. I got a sore throat two Thursdays ago, which ripened into a snotfest of a cold which then migrated as secondary infections in my chest, sinuses, and ears. I'm still dealing with that. My poor mom has caught a milder version of my cold which is really taking hold with her now, and I still sound worse than she does.

But Christmas was lovely here, particularly since we had our first white Christmas in years and years--an inch on the ground Christmas morning, and another couple of inches overnight last night, and they're also calling for a few more inches of snow this afternoon and evening! That sounds like a lot, but keep in mind that it melts very fast here so by morning we'll still just have maybe two on the ground. Even so, this has been the snowiest winter I can remember in decades--and we usually get all our snow in late January/early February.

I haven't done any writing all week, partly because I've been in bed surrounded by crumpled tissues, partly because of the madness preceding Christmas, partly because hey, it's my vacation. I'm looking forward to getting back in the swing of things, though. I still need to add 5,000 words to my untitled romance and 5,000 words to my steampunk Goldielocks novella--but more about both tomorrow, I suppose. Right now I have to get ready to go to a memorial service, assuming we can get out of the driveway to get there.


Fox Lee said...

Man, everyone has a cold this month. Grab a hot toddy and stay in bed!

K.C. Shaw said...

I think I gave the cold to everyone. Sorry!

Paula RC said...

Hope you feel much better soon, K.C and your Mum too.

Happy writing!

K.C. Shaw said...

Thanks! Poor Mom was pretty miserable yesterday, but she's up and around today and hopefully is over the worst of it.

Cate Gardner said...

I'm assuming your cold has passed now - it better have done.

Oh, and erm...we were supposed to bake? I haven't baked this millenium never mind this Christmas.

K.C. Shaw said...

I'm over the cold except for a persistent and irritating (for everyone around me as well as myself) cough. I'm going to the store to get something to help today, hopefully. If not, I'll have to visit the doctor because it's really annoying and isn't getting better. Ick.