Friday, May 2, 2008

I've never said this before:

I love my job.

Yes, after innumerable temp assignments, several permanent jobs, and a double-handful of part-time/evening/weekend/second jobs, I have found one I want to keep. I made my mother happy this evening by bringing her all my benefits paperwork and having her help me pick out a health plan, dental plan, and 401K deposit total.

I have an hour for lunch, and I can take my laptop to the hidden staff lounge downstairs (off limits to students and other interlopers) to write. Yesterday while I was there, another woman came in and sat at the other table. I braced myself to have to talk to her, but she was silent: she was reading.

Revisions are going swimmingly. Strange that I'm pulling poor Kristof backwards through a hedge, so to speak, while I'm unexpectedly quite happy in real life. Now if I'd only get my first paycheck before June 30.


seaslug_of_doom said...

Details please!

K.C. Shaw said...

I'm working as a Testing Technician at a local community college. It's a very pretty campus with big open buildings--windows everywhere! I proctor tests part of the time and do admin stuff the rest of the time, and I may ultimately do some outside work teaching ESL students basic English. I love being among people who value education again. Secretly, I'm hoping to one day step up to faculty, although I daresay that'll be years from now and I'll probably get a second master's first.

I have to work Saturdays starting the last week of May, but I get Thursdays off instead.