Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hey, ho, let's do another NaNo

I've decided to hold off on starting the Katie Cruel project. It's just not ready to write yet. If I tried to sit down and outline it now, I know I'd get about 1/3 of the way in and then have to stop.

Besides, it's going to be a dark story and right now I don't think I can handle dark. My grandmother's ill, my ex-boss is probably going to stiff me out of the two weeks vacation pay she promised me, so I will have to find another job immediately so I can pay the rent, and I'm in general stressed out from the move. So I want a light and cheery project to help me through this.

Since I love the alternate-world 1920s British detective-story-type setting I've used for Evil Outfitters Ltd. and Jack of All Trades, I think I'll use that world again. This time I'll have a female main character and set the story in London. No title or theme yet, but I do have a sense of the main character's personality. Since EO and JoAT both started life as NaNo novels, maybe I'll treat this new project the same way, and write it at breakneck pace during January. Writing at typing speed is fun!

Period background reading for the new project: One Pair of Hands by Monica Dickens and early Dorothy Parker.

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