Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Odds and Ends

I just read this on Boing Boing--Terry Pratchett has revealed that he's been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's. This is horrible news. It would be horrible enough if it was news about anyone I cared about, but it's doubly horrible that it's a brilliant writer who should be writing books for decades to come. At least Beethoven could still compose after he went deaf.

But since Pratchett has asked people to keep things cheerful and not get all doom-and-gloom on his ass, I will quickly switch topics. It looks like I'll be driving down to Tennessee Friday, not Saturday as planned, because of a snowstorm that's supposed to sweep across the region on Saturday. One of the reasons I'm moving is so I can avoid driving in snow. And this has another happy result: I don't have to work Friday. Of course, I do have to drive nine+ hours with a dog and two unhappy cats, two of which animals have kidney problems that require them to have access to water at all times and access to emptying bladders at frequent intervals. I should point out that the dog is a Newfoundland and the car is a Yaris hatchback. Oh yes, and I have one box that absolutely must be stuffed into the (wee) hatchback, along with clothes, computer, TV, pretty much everything from the kitchen, and linens. And the other box, that I was going to leave with my brother since it was only yet more books--well, I opened it last night to get something to read, and discovered to my horror that it wasn't just all books, it was mostly stuff from the bedroom that I have to bring with me. God knows how I'll manage to cram it in the car.

Wait, this is not cheering me up. Today I discovered Elizabeth bear's blog, They Must Need Bears, and reading back entries has brought me joy and staved off boredom for hours. And I'm wishing my last name was something cool like Bear, only not Bear because that's Elizabeth Bear's name. My talk of names probably alarms my family at this point, since I have a long history of changing mine. But don't worry, I still like Shaw. It's bright emerald green.


seaslug_of_doom said...

Avoiding driving in snow is a noble pursuit. I moved to California just for that purpose.

Unfortunately, I've spent this past week, and will spend all of next week, in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois. I've already driven through one snow storm. Yee ha.

K.C. Shaw said...

Drive carefully! I'm in Tennessee now (at last), where the weather unexpectedly turned cold! There was frost on my car this morning!

I am incensed.