Monday, December 17, 2007

I am alive!

Just a very quick post from Panera Bread (I don't have internet set up in my house yet) to say that I've arrived safely in Tennessee along with my zoo and ten million books. I did not have room for the TV, the computer (I left it for my brother and will just use my little laptop from now on), the tea kettle, or my box of important documents--the last is going to make it difficult to get my driver's license updated. But I've asked my brother to mail it, so I should be good.

I'm hoping to get internet access in a few days. That way you will not be deprived of my fascinating blogs for too much longer.


JoAnne Lehman said...

Are you living with your mom in Tennessee?

Does it feel good to pare down your belongings?

K.C. Shaw said...

Well, I'm living in the same town as my mom, but not with her. I've got a tiny rental house right across from a little park, with a farm behind it (close enough that I can hear cows). It's just right!

Getting rid of stuff is a great feeling--although I still seem to have a whole lot of stuff left! Why do I need these things, and where shall I put them in a house the size of a thimble?

seaslug_of_doom said...

Hurrah! Welcome back home.

I'm in Chicago, in the horrendously pretentious W Hotel, wishing I was back home. Well, I'll make the best of it and try to get some decent photos tomorrow.