Saturday, March 29, 2008

Acute lack of sleep

I was already running a sleep deficit when I went to bed last night, but I figured I could sleep late this morning. HA HA HA. I forgot I had plans to go shopping and then to a movie with my mom, and that we wanted to leave no later than 9:30. So staying up until 1am to finish writing that scene was a mistake.

I am zombie lady. I am zonked. I am other words beginning with Z. My dog got me up this morning at 7:45 after also getting me up two or three times during the night to go out (he has kidney disease and can't help that, though). I'm a morning person, so if you get me up when it's light out--say, you are a big dog who can't wait any longer for breakfast--I'm up. I can't get back to sleep.

So I'm zombified. Even watching the movie "21," which was moderately entertaining and fairly suspenseful, didn't wake me up. And eating too much bland, overpriced Chinese food from the (crappy) Stir Fry Cafe this evening made things worse. I had planned to do some writing this evening, but no. I think I had better go to bed early, by which I mean, you know, now.

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