Monday, March 3, 2008

Read Me at Byzarium!

I just went to the Byzarium site to see if the new issue was up, and it is, and I'm in it! I had no idea my story would be in this issue, but I'm thrilled to see it there! So you can hop on over there to read my SF story "Silent Skies."

I updated my website and streamlined it just a bit. Now the stories that are available online are at the top so anyone who's interested in sampling my stuff can find it right away. The site still needs a lot of work (by, you know, someone who knows what they're doing), but at least all the links are current.

I got no writing done at all over lunch, on White Rose or anything else. But I made a lot of phone calls and read over the story I finished last night. I think it's about ready to go. I probably need to tweak it just a little more, I dunno.

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